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Who We Are

Hanson Asset Management Limited (HAM) is a boutique fund management and advisory firm headquartered in London, providing fund and asset management services, investment advisory services to institutions, families, and sophisticated third-party investors. We provide a personal approach by providing a wide variety of investment strategies as well as tailor-made solutions that focus on our client's investment needs and financial capabilities with a view to achieve their investment goals and simplify their investment experience.

Our History

The Hanson family founded Hanson Asset Management’s predecessor entity as a family office before the term became common parlance, with a mandate that embraced the management of liquid and alternative investments with a capital preservation bias including real estate and general advisory services.

In 2010, Hanson Asset Management was created to formalise the management and oversight of Hanson Family assets under an FCA regulated entity. We began to formally act for families and individuals that were in effect members of the extended Hanson Family, but it was not until 2012 that we began to act for third party clients., However, our mantra remains unchanged: our clients are true partners who receive the same level of attention and service commitment as the founding family and rank pari-passu in every respect.


Independence, Objectivity,
Intellectual Rigour & Expertise

We focus on finding for our clients best in class investments that are most suited to their needs and expectations. We craft our client investment portfolios without conflict of interest or compromise and ensure our charges are completely transparent from the outset.

Our investment team has a rare blend of institutional and private client disciplines with many years of experience dedicated in achieving the best possible investment solutions for our clients. We have access to the resources and expertise of leading investment firms while retaining the flexibility to investigate niche opportunities and investments.

Investment Philosophy

Hanson Asset Management strives to achieve the best possible outcome for the client’s desired level of risk, and every effort is made to minimise and avoid capital losses by ensuring levels of risk are closely monitored and managed effectively.

Our overall investment philosophy bases itself on the following key aspects of, capital preservation with diversification by asset classes, geography, product type and overseeing managers, and tactical asset allocation based on current economic trends.

The investment universe is constantly expanding with new types of investments becoming available to the private investor. Hanson Asset Management can acquire and effectively manage equities, fixed income, cash and currencies, collective investment schemes, private equity, hedge funds, structured products and derivative investments.

Investment Process

Hanson Asset Management employs sophisticated, quantitative, and qualitative approaches to arrive at the asset allocation and fund selection for model portfolios. When selecting investments, our independence ensures that there are no restrictions as to which instruments can be chosen and each investment is selected on its own merits. The most appropriate investments are always sought for each asset class within a portfolio.