Our services


We provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our offerings include two main product lines. Model portfolios tailored to clients risk appetite and risk tolerance and bespoke multi-asset solutions, designed to offer global diversified exposure.

Asset Management Services

Our asset management activities encompass several components:


- Investment Management

We offer clients a wide range of investment solutions, including brokerage accounts and multi-asset funds. Our model and bespoke Multi Asset Solutions provide diversified global exposure, catering to various risk tolerances for both institutional and private clients.


- Private Wealth Management

We specialize in tailoring wealth management solutions for family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Headquartered in London, we extend our services to ultra-high net worth clients, with booking centres in Luxembourg and London.


- Corporate Finance Services

We provide integrated services to businesses, ranging from addressing additional capital requirements to identifying strategic partners that align with their objectives.


We offer mandates and discretionary services were we advise clients on their assets and providing them with strategic options and flexibility for clients to carry out their investments as well as execution-only accounts. We bring direct market experience to our advisory services, enabling us to provide superior advice. Clients choose to leverage our in-house capabilities, granting us full discretion in the oversight and management of their assets. Furthermore, we have a network of large financial institutions and advisors that we regularly collaborate with, enabling us to offer additional services as required. With our experienced team, unique investment process, and diligent service, we are well-equipped to cater to the complex needs of clients from diverse backgrounds and structures.

We closely monitor our clients' portfolios on a daily basis, ensuring their diversification and investment goals are met across sectors, asset classes, and managers. Our investment selection process involves identifying relevant economic and market trends, conducting in-depth analysis of individual opportunities, and selecting appropriate packaged products, index trackers, equities, credit instruments, alternative investments, and other securities. We do not impose any geographical limitations. Additionally, we maintain constant monitoring of both market and operational risks within individual portfolios across our product range, striving for optimal performance on behalf of our clients.



For clients who prefer active participation in the management of their portfolios, we provide individual investment advice and keep clients informed about opportunities and market developments. This approach empowers clients to make informed decisions regarding the buying, retaining, or selling of investments held within their portfolio.



Our focus is on finding the best solutions for client portfolios without any conflicts of interest arising from proprietary products or commissions on third-party products. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of each client's investment risk, appetite, and financial capabilities to develop a tailored investment plan that aligns with their needs. The Hanson team is dedicated to building strong relationships with each client and encourages regular meetings to stay updated on their evolving needs and financial requirements.

Clients deposit assets with a selected bank. The ownership of the assets remains with the client. Hanson AM operates via Limited Power of Attorney on client's portfolio and its role is detailed in the Discretionary Management Mandate.

  • Clients are legally protected by the Mandate which limits the manager's discretion.
  • We assist in the selection of the custodian bank and in the opening of accounts.
  • We negotiate special contractual conditions with the bank, similar to institutional pricing, and monitor their application.
  • We provide detailed reporting of the composition of the portfolio.
  • All portfolios are tailored to the client's needs and profile.
  • Transparency in pricing: explicit pricing, no hidden costs. Transaction costs: low costs whatever the size of the transaction.
  • We partner up with advisors to offer Ad Hoc solutions for the management of structures such as customized insurance policies or trusts.
  • Research and Investment Ideas: access to research investment banks and independent houses.
  • No Lock-in or restrictions: should the client not be satisfied with Hanson, in the future, she/he will have the right to keep the portfolio and the account at her/his name and change the Manager by entrusting the mandate to another Asset Manager.
  • Attentive Risk Management on portfolios. Being completely independent, there are no conflicts of interest with banks or other intermediaries for the sale of specific products. Custom portfolios are built on an open architecture.