Our Business

Our Principles

Our success in asset management is built on

three core principles

Independence and Objectivity

We have no tied in-house managed funds or investments. Instead, we focus on finding for our clients best in class investments that are most suited to their needs and expectations. We craft our client investment portfolios without conflict of interest or compromise and ensure our charges are completely transparent from the outset.


The assets of the founding family, our money and that of our clients are all managed side by side. We make money when our clients are making money and we treat all of our clients in the same manner.

Intellectual Rigour and Expertise

Our investment team has a rare blend of institutional and private client disciplines. We also have access to the resources and expertise of leading global investment firms while retaining the flexibility to investigate niche opportunities and investments. Uniquely, Hanson Asset Management has formed an investment consulting practise to provide independent investment advice, examine portfolio risk, risk mitigation strategies and monitor investment managers.