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Investment Consulting

Hanson Investment Consulting (HIC)

provides independent solutions for clients.

Hanson Asset Management has a team of highly experienced investment consultants to provide an independent service to our clients which assesses client and portfolio risk, examines risk mitigation strategies and monitors investment managers.

A concern for many families is to ensure that their investments, portfolio construction and investment manager selection are appropriate for their particular risk appetite. Yet most investors lack the time and analytic resources to answer these questions fully. Hanson Investment Consulting combines vast experience in selecting managers with deep analytical skills to identify ways to improve the value that current investment holdings or managers are actually adding. Taking into account the time horizon, HIC advise and assist with the implementation of an appropriate investment strategy covering all asset classes, to ensure that the efficient balance between risk and reward is achieved. In addition, the investment managers employed to manage assets should be monitored to ensure they continue to manage clients’ capital in the manner and style they were chosen for.

In undertaking this work we employ sophisticated analysis and modeling techniques with a qualitative overlay and through an innate understanding of our clients’ requirements we provide focused advice. Through strategic portfolio modeling we evaluate the various options, drawing on the best available research to provide solutions to our clients.