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United Kingdom Residence Services

We provide solutions around residency in the United Kingdom for our clients

using a family office approach which is based on a detailed understanding of their immigration, tax and investment requirements

The United Kingdom continues to be an attractive destination for wealthy individuals to reside for the reasons of political stability and quality of life. Hanson Asset Management has developed a full range of services for those individuals from outside the European Union, who are planning to reside in the United Kingdom for the long term. If required, we would either run a ‘family office’ for the client from within Hanson Asset Management or else help set up an independent office on their behalf.

Immigration consultancy

International mobility is an important factor for wealthy clients. We assist to develop an immigration strategy which is aligned with the client’s personal plans, family situation, current business and investment preferences. We would consider which visa type is more suitable for the client and their family, whilst providing them with full support in the immigrating process from the first entry clearance and to the obtaining citizenship in the United Kingdom. We often work with external immigration specialists to achieve the best result for the client.

Tier 1 Investment

In addition to assisting with the Tier One Investor Visa application process, we offer portfolio management services rendered by investment specialists equipped with the knowledge of the rules to ensure that portfolios meet the Home Office requirements. The United Kingdom investment restrictions for Tier One Investor portfolios can be complex and this service aims to help navigate clients through the process. When it comes to managing investments Hanson Asset Management employs a tailor-made approach according to each client’s objectives and risk appetite to optimise returns for clients. We believe that our offering is quite unique on the United Kingdom market and since its launch has been widely welcomed by clients.

UK tax residence

Immigration to the United Kingdom entails tax implications. We assist with tax planning to make sure our clients are well prepared before they arrive in the United Kingdom. We establish and advise on UK tax residency, which depends on how long an individual intends to reside here, the strength of an individual’s ties with his/her home country and other factors. We also provide guidance on remittances to the United Kingdom and the use of special taxation arrangements available for United Kingdom residents coming from abroad. We look at all relevant areas of taxation including property taxes, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and annual the charge applicable to residential property and aim to ensure the optimal holding structure for each client.

Additional services

We are happy to arrange on demand the additional services required by wealthy individuals in this country and refer them to our select providers of the relevant services. These services would include residential property search, educational consultancy on the choice of United Kingdom schools and universities, luxury asset acquisitions and concierge.