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Opening doors to new investment opportunities

within our real estate practice

Our goal is simple to ensure your real estate portfolio has a composition and returns profile that is right for you.

In our Real Estate practice we advise across the spectrum, assisting our partners with acquiring, managing, financing or developing and selling real estate investments.

Our team has significant transaction and asset management experience and has transacted over €5bn of real estate transactions worldwide. Our service is tailored to the needs of the individual client, making sure that our clients’ portfolios have a composition that is right for them and their individual circumstances. We have recently constructed a defensive yield strategy involving real estate mezzanine finance and other bespoke means of accessing returns distinct from traditional ‘buy and hold’. In addition, we continue to bid on a variety of distressed portfolios and commercial and residential property development opportunities where we believe we have (or can access) the expertise to tackle and lock-down these complex but often more attractive investment opportunities.