Our Business

Advisory Services

We offer a broad spectrum of advisory services to our clients -

Essentially merchant banking in the traditional sense of the phrase, led by client requirements.

One of our distinguishing features is that in many cases our team has direct commercial experience of the markets on which our advice is sought.

We are able to couple our own direct experience with access to our extensive network of industrial families, industry leaders and private equity investors, permitting the sharing of ideas, business intelligence across industry and geography, and co-investment opportunities.

At the core of our Advisory Services is assisting clients seeking to make direct investments. We can provide our clients with sourcing, execution and management capability across a range of investments. As with all parts of our business, we pride ourselves on putting clients first. We are not transaction led and will not advise clients to make an investment unless it is in their interest, nor do we present clients with ideas that are irrelevant to their own investment goals and criteria.